Street art school. Tavrida

In July 2019, Alexander Militsin and  Desarte365 team opened a street art school at the Forum of young people of art and culture  Tavrida 5.0.


We gathered together the best artists and close to art guys, explained cool cases, scripts and just practical advice. Sasha gave a hundred and ten percent.

In 5 days we:

  • created unique objects on the territory of the forum;

  • developed a joint merch;

  • held a street-fest Cube of Fame with the participants of the school.


Our school performed the best, The administration of Tavrida expressed special gratitude to Alexander Militsin and Desarte365 team


During the training, real cases were sorted out, where we selected artists to decorate real facades, for example, at the North Pole.


STREET FEST Cube of Fame


On July 12, in the city of Sudak, within the  Street Art School of the Forum of Young People of Art and Culture  "Tavrida 5.0", a street fest "Cube of fame" was held.


During the whole day, 35 contemporary artists - participants of the school - from  different corners of  Russia painted 8 classic cubes. The festival took place in the central park, the most visited place by residents and tourists.


The weather was awful. Neither heavy rain nor strong wind did not spoil the festival. All artists proved to be true professionals! This was real street art. The works turned out to be so different, performed in different styles and techniques. 


Cubes were donated to the city. One of them took place near the administration!

“I believe that the main idea of ​​the festival is to show people that street art is not vandalism, but contemporary art. This is a kind of reflection for the city with the sole purpose of transforming the space around it and showing what street art is. I am sure that we have succeeded,” said Alexander Militsin.


It's great that Tavrida erases boundaries and allows creativity to be here and now.

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